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New Homes Property Limited, is a customer-oriented real estate agency that provides highly specialized services in the leasing and selling of luxurious residential properties, commercial offices and retail shops in Hong Kong.
Our mission is to offer the best business bonding with our customers in town. To ensure that this is achievable, a comprehensive property database system is made in place to allow our customers, (both investors and end users) to be accessible to the most detailed and up-to-date intelligences on the latest property pricing as well as the market trends. Our experienced consultants are committed to identify the pros and cons of each property so that our customers are able to make their choices within their comfort zone.
Our vision is “Helping you find the property of your dreams”. Efficiency and effectiveness in terms of cost and time are upheld by our professionals to address the preference and demand from our customers. To an extent, our professional ethics and integrity are well recognized by our current customers.
Leasing and Selling of Residential Properties
With our extensive database and strong relationship with landlords and developers, we help our clients find properties that best meet their needs.
Leasing and Selling of Commercial Properties
Our database also contains detailed information about offices, retail shops, or even industrial buildings. We help our clients identify and acquire winning locations for their business.
Corporate Customers
There are major international companies in Hong Kong that we provide full comprehensive services to accommodate their expatriates’ housing needs. We would directly liaise with the expatriates and would guide them from finding their most preferred area to live in Hong Kong down to the details of furniture selection.
Serviced Apartments
Serviced apartments are perfect for those who would like to live in a new home but want to stay away from the hassle of looking for furniture, appliances and fittings. New Homes is well connected with quality serviced apartment providers in Hong Kong, where you may find the best deal to stay from one month to year(s) longer.
With years of serving multi-national companies, we help line up relocation service from moving in and out of Hong Kong. This has ended us with an one-stop service in the eyes of our business clients.
Furniture Rental
Some clients might prefer to have their own furniture shipped to their new home in Hong Kong. While waiting for their furniture to arrive, it might be more practical to rent furniture for a month or two than to buy new ones. New Homes has lined up for offering choices to our clients who may wish to live with specific furniture at their own preference. To us, this value added service has well been recognized amongst our target customers.
Property Assessment and Valuation
Valuation has to be properly addressed before a commitment is to be made for any purchase. New Homes maintains strong working ties for bank valuation to make sure that potential sellers and buyers are making the right deals.
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